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Train, Truck, Bus

Fancied working from reference for a change, andĀ nurtureĀ a different style. Good practice for something I have in the pipeline. Quite happy with it!


And for those of you interested in the real deal – below is the original image. No idea what it is, or where it was taken, but I know that I like it!




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This here is a little experiment I carried out in Flash. I’m dying to figure out a good way to introduce colour into my work,whilst not making it look too much like a vector piece. Vector is everywhere. Everyone’s doing the old vector fandango. And its being done with far more finesse, style and pizzazz than I could ever muster. So, here’s a kind of dirty vector man on a swing. Quite happy with him… although he looks a little too much like Noel Gallagher.

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