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The Blade of Pix’el


So this is my first foray into the world of pixel art (that is if you don’t count my avatar, and a couple of unseen experiments… which we’re not… so this is my FIRST EVER pixel art picture!). After admiring some work from the ridiculously talented JunkBoy (currently working at Mojang), I feel this is a little crude but that’s what I’m all about. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and the story goes that a ghastly Pirate Dread Lord, Eric Blacksbane stole the Blade of Pix’el from the flamboyant, lazy King Jon Falkirk the II. His majesty, upon finding his most prized possession had been stolen, hired the lands most talented Tracker/Cowboy named Doug and charged him with the safe return of his dagger and the culprits’s head. After learning of the Blade of Pix’el’s true worth Doug decided to find the weapon for himself. Alas, the blade was lost at sea in an almighty battle filled with smoke and fire. Eric, Jon and Doug plunged into the ice cold water as their ships sank. The blade glittered in the murky depths below. They were never seen again. The blade on the other hand washed ashore several days later. At night, it is said you can hear the bickering and howling of the three men who fought so hard to claim the blade for their own.

The End.

Ewan x


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