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Little leftover character from an art test. Didn’t want him gathering dust as I like his big bushy beard. I wish I could grow a beard.
Also – I’m going on holiday! Bye!


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March 17, 2013 · 11:43 pm

The Blade of Pix’el


So this is my first foray into the world of pixel art (that is if you don’t count my avatar, and a couple of unseen experiments… which we’re not… so this is my FIRST EVER pixel art picture!). After admiring some work from the ridiculously talented JunkBoy (currently working at Mojang), I feel this is a little crude but that’s what I’m all about. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and the story goes that a ghastly Pirate Dread Lord, Eric Blacksbane stole the Blade of Pix’el from the flamboyant, lazy King Jon Falkirk the II. His majesty, upon finding his most prized possession had been stolen, hired the lands most talented Tracker/Cowboy named Doug and charged him with the safe return of his dagger and the culprits’s head. After learning of the Blade of Pix’el’s true worth Doug decided to find the weapon for himself. Alas, the blade was lost at sea in an almighty battle filled with smoke and fire. Eric, Jon and Doug plunged into the ice cold water as their ships sank. The blade glittered in the murky depths below. They were never seen again. The blade on the other hand washed ashore several days later. At night, it is said you can hear the bickering and howling of the three men who fought so hard to claim the blade for their own.

The End.

Ewan x

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“Dude?! What’s with the knife?!”

I won’t bore you with the details, but I decided to try the new Perspective Grid Tool in Illustrator.


Edit: Guess what computer I used to make THIS! Thanks Steve

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Win a Castle!

Hey Guys! How would you like to win a castle?

Not a real one, but this charming young man! He’s a limited edition screen print  (1 of 5 ever made) and wants to decorate your wall. All you need to do is one of the following:

Add me on the Twitter (click here to see letsbrock do Twitter), retweet one of my numerous comments about the competition and be sure to include the hashtag #letsscreenprint


Add me on the Facebook (click here to see letsbrock do Facebook) and like one of my numerous comments about the competition

You can do both and I’ll give you double the chance of getting your mitts on it.

Winner will be picked on Friday 17th June at random.

Congratulations to Ruth Thomas for winning this choice bit of property and a massive thank you to everyone who got involved!


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Screen Printing Workshop

So… my fiancée basically rocks. It was my birthday last week and she decided to surprise me with an introductory Screen Printing workshop over at West London Art Factory. The studio space is run by the very lovely Jewel Goodby and our very patient instructor at the helm for the day was (sorry, this may be wrong) Emily.

We started off by grabbing a coffee and having a quick look through everyone’s artwork. We were a fairly small group of 3, which was great as we all got a turn at doing pretty much everything. Our chosen designs were printed onto tracing paper and lots of back slapping commenced. Once the clapping abated we ventured forth on a super quick tour of the studio and sized up an array of equipment.

(From here on in, I may use “colourful” words to replace the correct technical terms that I should be using. Sorry)

We were shown how to prepare our screens using some photosensitive/radioactive emulsion. Our screens were then placed onto something that looked like a cross between a sun-bed and the Delorean from Back To The Future. I was told that it was German as well. Efficient.

The tracing paper was placed face down, “zapped” by the German Delorean and quickly taken to be hosed down. I don’t know the science, but the areas that were exposed to the UV light stuck fast, while the areas that had been shielded by the dark black ink on the tracing paper melted away.

Once dry, we taped the outer edges to seal away parts of the screen that the emulsion may have missed.

The screen was then mounted firmly onto a screen printing bed. We then “flooded” the screen (you basically smear a load of ink at the top of your frame and then squeegee it down toward you – flooding the mesh with ink) and marked out roughly where our paper/card would sit. After a couple of tests, we moved onto the Real McCoy™.

I had orginally gone there to print t-shirts, but I think the guys forgot. It worked out great though, as normally you leave with 5 final prints and any rough ones you may have managed to churn out.

Instead, I got to walk away with 2 t-shirts as well. I was très happy with the result (except that I had to use water based ink, so if it rains or I decide to sweat buckets – my castle is going to melt).

The only thing left to do was wait!

The design I used was something I’d come up with while riding on the underground a couple of nights before the workshop (see here – please ignore the guy covered in pillows, he’s my friend and digs that sort of thing).

I worked up the final image the night before using a combination of Photoshop, Flash & Illustrator, and was mightily happy with what I saw.

All in all, it was a great experience and the guys over at West London Art Factory were so open and friendly. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re curious, book yourself onto one of their courses! You won’t regret it. Who knows, you might find me there?


Keep your eyes peeled – stalk me on Twitter and Facebook for details.

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