I’m Sir Murderbrides!

So this guy has been sat inside my computer, loitering about, swearing, muttering, plotting. But now he’s out! Bellowing his rage! Look at him! … “Woah” someone shouted! Back up! Give this guy some room!

His nameth is Sir Murderbrides (thank you Simon for coming up with the name – by the way, buy Simon’s new game, it’s awesome!) and he’s a fiery fellow. Trained in 32 forms of armed combat and 1 form of unarmed combat (bar-brawl style) he’s a force to be reckoned with. Legend has it he once took an arrow to the knee, but the arrow came off worse.

I cajoled the dark knight to ride with me on my merry adventure in aid of Dudebox’s “Design a Fiend” competition.

Go check it out!



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One response to “I’m Sir Murderbrides!

  1. I love the colours and his “don’t tell me I can’t have a pony for my birthday and stop using the recession as an excuse to not buy me a pony, mother, I want a pony right now and I don’t care if you have to go steal one from a field or grow one in a test tube, I am getting a pony” attitude.

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