The Tundra

Hi guys! How the hell are you? Wow! You look great… have you been working out?

Anyway, to the business as hand – I’ve been quite preoccupied recently looking after my new wife and our most awesome child. They’re both legends in their own right… but enough about them! I’ve also been out Freelancing with the best of them (you know… “them”) – turning heads with my cool, calm, collected self in Central London’s design agencies… but enough about them too!

In the past, I have got sooo frustrated about turning my sketches into finished illustrations (I think I’ve mentioned it a number of times on this blog). It’s something I point out to myself whenever I open my sketch book and proclaim… “WOAH! Dude! That character! He’s awesome! He’s a castle right?! With arms! Sick! And that guy! He’s got a huge brow! Bigger than his mouth! Nyam-nyam-nyam-nyam! … but wait… it’s just a grubby, smeared, coffee stained sketch. Where the hell is the finished piece?”

Well, I’ve been having a little play in Illustrator and Photoshop and BEHOLD I think I may of stumbled upon a style that I’m almost happy with (I say almost… I’m never 100% happy with my illustrations… ever – which is a good thing).

I’ve also posted the original sketch below to wet the internets insatiable appetite for unnecessary information.

Coming soon: I’ll be figuring out if this is a good style to tout to the masses, refining the process and posting up a tutorial for the process for all to see.

Please do check back soon as I’ll be putting up a second (already completed – but I’m a big tease) illustration up here.


Love ya,

Ewan x


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