It’s in the game…

… literally.

So, I’ve been super busy sorting out my life and making very grown up decisions. I’ll put a blog post up about my plans in a couple of weeks – but for now, please feel free to have a look at the below visual titbits for some Davey Jones – Lost Souls (TM & © 2011 All right reserved etc etc etc).

(click the pic to see a larger version)

Here is one of my FAVVVVVOURITE pieces from the game – THE SHOP!!! It was lovely doing it and every time I revisited the file I couldn’t help but add something new to the clutter. I wanted to make it look jam packed and even though I feel I could have probably crammed some more rolled up rugs and jars with body parts in there – I’m mightily happy with the way it turned out (also, thank you Monkey Island for being one of THE best games I have ever played and for showing me what a background should look like)!

After some very clever motion tweening in Flash CS4 last night – I put the finishing touches to the basic rig that we’ll be using in the game. I built it in collaboration with a very clever body called Mr. Craig Beswetherick. The major advantage is its ability to import items of clothing from the Flash library directly into a number of key movieclips (arm, leg, foot etc) so that when you buy items from the shop, it will update your character with the relevant clothing and animate in exactly the same way.

(If you didn’t follow what I just said, it basically means its going to look really pretty when you buy things from the shop and look at your character afterwards)

I’ve also worked on some flotsam that will drift lazily around in the background. Here is a derelict ship. Luvely!

Anyway, have a lovely weekend one and all. I’m off to a wedding (huge congratulations to Aidan and Fiona) with my newly altered 1940’s green suit. I’m going to be the belle of the ball!





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2 responses to “It’s in the game…

  1. neilslorance

    Look amazing! Can’t wait to give it a shot when it’s done! nx

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