King Louis’ Carriage

All hail Emperor Wills and our illustrious Queen Kate!
A lot has come to pass since my last blog post. There was a royal wedding, Team America found Osama bin Laden, Playstation Network decided to give away my credit card details to some internet ninja, I went on my first ever stag do (failing miserably to keep up – sorry Aid) and I decided to bestow upon my son an honour worthy of yet another public holiday.
Louis now has one of the most over embellished strollers I have ever seen. If you look closely at the pictures, you should be able to make out the battle damage it has already suffered in just one outing around our small one bed flat!

Completed with Posca pens. I’ll try to get a picture up of the unit in use. Until then!


*edit: see below for one happy small boy! Tim Westwood, eat your heart out!


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One response to “King Louis’ Carriage

  1. Film_Dad

    That Louis is a lucky lucky chap. I love bespoke

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