Davey Jones Lost Souls – Work In Progress

Ho weary traveller!

Come ye here and sit down and talk a while. Or perchance you wish to sit in your palatial chair, stroking your keyboard as you might a mightily bearded chin, and I will tell you a tale. This tale, is not a tale of words but one of pictures.

This here is a game that myself and a certain Mr Craig Beswetherick have been working on for a number of weeks / months now. It’s shaping up nicely (as I hope you will agree) and will be launched upon the internet soon enough!

Off to swab the decks and all that jazz – be back soon.

Ewan x



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2 responses to “Davey Jones Lost Souls – Work In Progress

  1. nunnersT

    Like it – particularly the time-lapse Photoshop! :0D

    • Thanks Tam! The whole things been a labor of love. It’s been awesome to make and I can’t wait for it to be finished! I’ll be sure to shower you with links where you can play it/buy cheap merchandise/visit our “Davey Jones” theme park that we’re currently building.

      Also, for the record, *that’s the speed at which I actually work at on a day to day basis.

      * this is a lie

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