And now for something a little different.

Okay, so I’ve just found out about this wonderful program called SketchUp. Its great! It’s like being back in primary school with all the other kids, only this time there’s no “who is your daddy, and what does he do?” and you don’t have to ask permission to go to the toilet. Instead, there is an endless horizon littered with grey cubes. Now – I can see why some of you would probably say something a long the lines of “ughhhh – Ewan, grey cubes are boring”!

These grey cubes are different I tell you! For me, it was like being transported back to when I was but a small boy, and my mum bought me and my brother this huge green box filled with tiny lego bricks. You could make anything! Anything!!

SketchUp allows you to do just that (granted there are some software no-no’s – although they’re few and far between and quite amusing when they happen) and I for one am mightily impressed – this coming from a man who’s dominant expertise lie in international espionage and two dimensional illustration-character-concept-tomfoolery.

To celebrate this momentous occasion and to test my mettle, I decided to create one of the environments from one of my very favourite games. Its work in progress and I’ll post final renders when I deem it ready. Bonus points for the first person to tell me what game it is. And by bonus points, I mean nothing. Okay, maybe respect. But that’s it!

Ewan x




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5 responses to “And now for something a little different.

  1. You have won my respect brother. Good job!

  2. Luka

    Thanks 🙂 Also you’d might wanna bookmark this site:

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