Hi. It’s been quite sometime since I last posted. I got stuff to be getting on with. Lots of stuff.
Anyway, I had a teeny-tiny-incy-wincy little bit of “downtime” at work. I was advised that I use this time to better myself.
I’m hoping that this quick illustration ticks the boxes.

Also, me and a friend will be releasing a Pirate-based Flash game in the very near future. It’s been a labour of love and consumes the majority of my free time. It has been my Everest.

Toodle pip with the kisses!




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One response to “WorkHardPlayHard

  1. Hey Ewan, Really like the style you’re developing. Was talking to a student and recommended he look you up to give your website a look. He was drawing with black fine tip pens and i suggested you… Nice you’re still doing the doodles! Played your animation the other days and brought back fond memories. Stay in touch.

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