Garage Rock – W.I.P.

Howdy y’all!

Hope you’re all doing super well. Here’s a quick sketch I’m working on at the moment – inspired by the likes of Weezer! Be interesting to see how it works out in Illustrator. Good or bad? Never the less, here she blows!

In other news – super busy working on a little Flash game (will definitely bombard you with links when it’s all done and dusted), raising a small child, holding down a job and trying to find somewhere to honeymoon.


Ewan x



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2 responses to “Garage Rock – W.I.P.

  1. I love it! I know all about raising a small child and holding down a job and stuff. I’ve seen films like Uncle Buck.

    • OBAMMMAAAAA!!!! Thank you brave warrior – I will enlist you to look after my son when the winter ends, that is once trade has finally begun to make its perilous journey through the mountains again.

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