I’ve finally done it! After months of jumping from one project to another, I finally got my act together and put the finishing touches to my first kidrobot Munny figure! I started work on this back in September and initially found it quite daunting drawing on something other than paper. Never the less, I am extremely happy with the final result. As soon as the paint was dry, I had him back in his box clutching onto a £10 note – and promptly handed it over to a close friend for his very very very belated birthday present (sorry Mark)!

Now, back in September (when I originally posted my intent to carry out my secret task) I mentioned that I was hoping to document my progress. I can’t say that any of the following words will be very helpful, but what the hell – here goes!

(click the pic to see a larger version)

1.) I started by taking a picture of the Munny figure and printing out an A4 sheet with the figure repeated a jaw-dropping 18 times 2.) I then started to work very quickly with pen to “doodle” some initial ideas down 3.) until I had the full set. This really helped me get over my initial jitters, and allowed me to really experiment with a few concepts before touching the figure.

(click the pic to see a larger version)

4.) I then grabbed my Munny and started to roughly draw the idea I had settled upon onto it. Now – a word of warning! If you’re after a simple line with no colour, then you’re probabaly going to be fine just drawing onto your Munny with the pen that’s included in the box or similar (I used a Sharpie). If you intend to get a better finish, or apply paint – I would strongly advise you use a primer before you start out. 5.) I started out with the head first, 6.) until it was all done and dusted.

(click the pic to see a larger version)

7.) I finished the rough line and started to apply some acrylic paint to the figure. 8.) I then decided I didn’t like the colour scheme too much so changed it, and also (seeing as though I hadn’t used a primer in the early steps) used the acrylic as a crude substitute.

(click the pic to see a larger version)

Now, a period of time passed and I decided to change my initial idea – so I boldly went forth with my beloved Poscas (black, white, gold) in hand and 9.) mixed things up a bit. 10.) Here’s a detailed shot of the front (notice the gold belt buckle & tooth). 11.) And here’s the back!
Hope you find this useful, I now have to go and entertain my lady. No more typing.



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4 responses to “Chappers!

  1. I must say Mr Brock that this creation is a masterpiece, as it sits on the television stand gleaming with its uni-brow and its big ears, one could not of thought of a very delightful and entertaining present, so i thank you and i enjoyed it immensely.

  2. nunnersT

    Zat is too cool, Ewan!

    I wish i could buy one to go with my drunken Axecop print-purchase-thingy.
    Then i would be truly Arted Up!

    • nunnersT

      I dont know why i writ a german accent there.

      (Oh, hang on, i do: Sambuca…)

    • I wish I had a store set up with a shed load of novelty merchandise for you to buy in your drunken state. There would be hats, mugs, dressing gowns and more! Alas – I do not. And you’re probably not drunk enough anymore to buy it. Damn!
      Axecop FTW! Have you seen the fan made movie trailer?

      Little slice of heaven there!

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