This is not Red Dead.

(click the pic to see a larger version)


Sorry for my lapse in updates (I’m not sorry at all, I’m lying to you – ha!) but I’m currently working on a super exciting game with my super talented friend Craig Beswetherick. It’s going to be a BLAST!! (*cough* hint *cough*)

In other news, my wonderful little boy has decided to sleep from around about 9pm, to 9am in the morning. This now means I get a small fraction of time each day to spend doing the things I used to do before dirty nappies, drool, and sick (odd that I now find these very things strangely alluring) entered my life.

Last night I got the opportunity to complete one of my favorite games of 2010. Red Dead Redemption is such a super fantastic game, that has really nailed the Western genre and boldly put it back on the map (Sunset Riders II here we come!). I’ve a massive soft spot for the whole Old Western genre thanks to growing up watching old cowboy movies on the Sabbath, and this game took me back to my childhood – only now it was me hunting down my old gang, and not some portly American actor.

To keep my style fresh, I decided to do a really quick illustration – and would you believe it, it turned out to be some sort of Western orientated skeletal twilight scene (don’t worry – I don’t mean Twilight as in the whole Robert Pattinson fiasco, whom I recently found out played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter).

Anyway, hope you like it,

Ewan x


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