Hello again!

Okay! So I’ve been on holiday on and off for about three weeks now, so apologies for the lack of updates.
The first leg of said holiday was spent in my native land of Stoke-On-Trent. I found myself surrounded by autumnal coloured trees, a lake at the bottom of the garden and hot tubs on the patio. It was fantastic catching up with family and friends – much merriment was had.

For my interim week, I became a bachelor in the Capital of our fair land. I have to admit – it felt like I was just killing time before being reunited with my fiancée and our little boy. I did however get the opportunity to play the fantastic Costume Quest from Double Fine. What a brilliant concept, and the art direction is so fresh and eye-poppingly great. I could go on for hours about that game – but I won’t. Maybe I’ll feature a post about it once I’ve completed it.

Once I grew weary of computer games and drinking choice ale at the EXCEPTIONAL Jerusalem Tavern (Farringdon), I journeyed North once more. Scotland was brilliant! I haven’t been that cold and wind swept in a long time! As my brother put it so eloquently during a particularly heavy breeze “Welcome to the West Coast!”

It was actually my Aunite’s 50th birthday, so I finally got the opportunity to show off my wife-to-be and our son to the whole of our Scottish family in one tremendous outing (despite Louis only being able to hack about an hour of partying, then crying for a good hour and a half – the Brock’s can have that effect on people).
And now I am back! I’ll be gradually drip feeding all sketches completed on my little holiday to the “countryside” in good time!
Ewan x


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