I went to the park…

Its true! I went to the  park! Granted, it was about a year ago, but I’ve been plenty of other times since (I can’t prove this to you). I’ve been to numerous locations as well, not just one.

Back in the motherland that is a-la-Stoke-On-Trent, kids don’t seem to go to the park to enjoy themselves. No. They go there to get trashed on hooch and fight each other (wait – maybe that is “entertainment” … ). London may have many things (knives, guns, knives, rude people, bad transport) … but my God, you have some nice parks! Round of applause for London. “Woo! Go you!”

Why, just the other day I was free ranging it over at Holland Park. Its like a mini-center parcs without the pancake shop or the water slides. Loved it!



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  1. Yowen! Logen is mighty pleased by your witty blog and awesome illustrations and is sitting in Starbucks like a perfumed ponce.


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